Francis Docherty

CEO Swiss Mobility Services, GMS, CRP, RES Forum Accredited, Geneva, Vaud, Valais, Zurich, Basel
Managing the process of business expense reports is, let’s be honest, nothing really complex on an individual point of view. While some internal administrative or accounting rules may generate challenges for the frequent traveller, it is most often quite a time consuming pain.
However, on the employer’ side, expense claims processing requires clear rules, strict reporting documentation and a time regulated approval process. Modern international accounting and compliance rules, often related to payroll, have become more complex than in the past and for companies that manage a large mobile population of employees, a growing struggle.
Swiss Mobility Services can relieve the frequent traveller and employers from the pain. You won’t need a medical prescription, but simply to use our proven ability and experience in managing expense claims. We offer a range of customized support for both the employee and the employer, ensuring to meet time lines, corporate approval processes and accounting requirements.

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Francis Docherty, CEO