Laurent Fridmann

Laurent Fridmann


Financial services


Your private office everyhwere :
– Private invoices processing
– Liabilities Maturity management
– Cash plan projection
– Private payment management
– Private office & hotline 24/7
We offer you a clear overview :
– Budget monitoring : periodic & on demand customized reports
– Costs monitoring based on your specific needs
– Secured data file transfer processes

We propose an optimized « 3D » view of your business in order to make your life easier. – Mapping of mulit-dimensional accounting plans – Implementation of analytical structures i view of monitoring projects and investments. This can be done, for example, by business unit, by budget allocation, product range. – Help to formalise the best practice about your accounting processes – Establishment of tutorials and guidelines We share our knowledge and experience : try our Excel@ Academy through individual or Group training sessions for :
– Database management
– File & Data organisations
– Interactive forms
– Monitoring tools