Francis Docherty
CEO Swiss Mobility Services, GMS, CRP, RES Forum Accredited, Geneva, Vaud, Valais, Zurich, Basel

The Geneva authorities have published that the Geneva population was 490’578 habitants at end 2015, which is a growth of 8033 persons (+1.7%) in one year.

This demographic growth is mainly due to migration flux. In 2015, 42.2% of the population is foreign and 71% of this population was active. Geneva observed a continued high level of births. In 2015, Geneva registered 5219 new babies (just over 5000 in 2014).
With a sustained availability of 1’400 new properties,allowing to accommodate 3000 habitants (2.18 persons per property on average), the challenge for the Canton is to meet the needs of the growing population.
The mobility of the population continues to be high as Geneva recorded 25’000 arrivals while 22’000 left the Canton. It was also observed one change of tenancy fo 10% of properties. An interesting number, because if you know that the Canton offers more than 200’000 properties for rent, that means that over 20’000 people have moved within the Canton in one year.
Not all can afford the support from professional moving companies, but we can observe that a large number of moving companies have adapted their offer in order to meet the needs and financial means of a larger number of habitants in the Canton.
By the way, did you know that the population of the city of Geneva is equal to the population of Chelsea in London?