Francis Docherty

Francis Docherty


Mobility Consulting – Immigration


Feasibility analysis and consulting support
What makes us so successful is we first execute an analysis of the feasibility of the application and communicate the expected time frame, process and the needed information / documentation. This allows the beneficiary and/or the employer to set expectations appropriately. Legal requirements and process can change without any particular announcement and execution time frames required by the authorities can vary depending on the period of the year.

Direct handling with the beneficiary
We collect all information / documentation directly from the beneficiary, prepare an application file, complete all required forms and file the application with the relevant cantonal and federal authorities.

Single point of contact
We stand as a central point of contact for both the authorities and the beneficiary and respond to any additional query.

Ongoing information and monitoring
Each step of the process is communicated immediately to the beneficiary and/or the employer’s HR department. Another success factor is our continuous and attentive monitoring of each application.


EU citizens

We handle applications for EU citizens in conformity with the existing bilateral agreements between the EU and Switzerland

Non-EU citizens
We also handle applications for non-EU citizens, including visa collection. Depending on the place of residence, the collection of the visa will have to be at the embassy / diplomatic representation that has jurisdiction over the place of residence. We guide the beneficiary very precisely regarding the process, place and expected time-frame, allowing the beneficiary to plan for this travels appropriately.
Long and short term Each work permit and residence permit must be aligned to the duration of the contract of employment. During our initial analysis of each application, we clearly identify weather the request will be for a long or a short term permit.
Extensions and renewals Depending on each specific situation, extensions and renewals can be denied, restricted or submitted to conditions that are important to know prior to applying for the permit. We clearly outline such restrictions in order to avoid misunderstandings.
Departures Checking out from the country also requires the completion of a number of steps that are the beneficiary’s responsibility, including tax clearance. We can guide and accompany the beneficiary in order to be compliant. Additionally, we can handle various other matters, such as lease termination, cancellation of utilities and insurances and car sale.
Accompaniment to the authorities In all cases, we accompany each beneficiary to the authorities, upon arrival for registration and biometric appointment. We are also available for extensions, renewals, departures or family regrouping projects.
C permit and Swiss nationality processes While obtaining a C permit or applying for Swiss nationality remains a private decision (in other words, a process that is not an employer’s responsibility and consequently not paid by an employer), we can advise and accompany any person through the application steps.