Barbara Bertoli

Barbara Bertoli


Personal Services – conciergerie


Swiss Mobility Services exclusivity !
Look around, we are the only service company to offer a truly 24/7 Help Line and, what more, at a very affordable price. We offer two options:
Option Gold: 24/7 support with telephone assistance in English, French and Spanish.
Option Platinium: 24/7 support with telephone assistance and on-site intervention.

Swiss Mobility Services has an excellent understanding of the employment market in Switzerland and offers counselling for a working spouse. Various options are available: self-employed activity, employed activity or a volunteer activity.
Pre-decision analysis
We can review a person’s CV in order to determine the potential chances he/she has to work in Switzerland. This can be an important decision making factor when envisaging an international assignment.
On-going job search support
We also offer a job search support in order to help finding a job. Which web-sites, publications or network will be most efficient? Swiss Mobility Services will be an active partner for the accompanying spouse.


Setting-up a business in Switzerland can be made easy with our support. Various factors are taken into account, such as EU or non-EU citizen, what kind of activity, regulated or not, legal form, business-plan set- up, meeting with Economic Promotion agencies and, one of Switzerland’s attraction, the capacity to negotiate a tax ruling depending on the magnitude of the project. Swiss Mobility Services is well connected to the authorities in various cantons and attorneys in order to support each project.