Pierre Jeronimo

Pierre Jeronimo


CEO at Geneva relocation & HR relocation


Orientation program
An “orientation program” is destined to allow the beneficiary to have a better understanding of the environment in which he/she will be living in. The program is always tailored to the needs of each person but often includes the following:
– Location of the office
– Districts of residence
– Visit of 2-3 sample accommodations
– Transportation and communication
– Points of interest, sports, shopping
An orientation program is often a key element that allow the beneficiary to set his/her expectations according to the realities of the real estate market in Switzerland.

Pre-decision program
This program is often developed in close cooperation with the employer in order to achieve a number of objectives, but is essentially destined to allow the beneficiary to take a decision to join the company


When developed within a recruitment process or to accept an assignment (e.g. within a career development step).
We don’t look for a home, we look for your home ! Because our team members have experienced expatriation, we know how important it is to feel at home while away from home. We consequently undertake a
– thorough individual needs analysis
– complete search on the real estate market
– establish a personal itinerary and program
– full accompaniment
– includes opening of a bank account
– lease application
– set-up of all utilities, services and insurances
– presence during the moving-in inspection
– full property handover
Each client working with Swiss Mobility Services benefits of an unlimited help-line (office hours) during his residence in Switzerland.


Identifying an appropriate school for children is of paramount importance and is often a key decision factor when envisaging moving abroad.
Switzerland has the privilege to offer amongst the highest standards of education. Both State and private schools offer a very wide and rich range of curriculum programs, including for children that have special needs.
We propose a private interview with the parents in order to clearly understand what are the needs. We then arrange for appointments with the head of admissions corresponding to the age group of each child at the school(s) that has/have been selected.
We provide an active support to complete the registration requirements.
All services are fully accompanied


Further to entering the accommodation in Switzerland, we offer a range of tailor made services in order to facilitate needs such as
- conversion of driving license
– purchase of a public transportation pass
– registration with a doctor
– set-up of insurances
– purchase of a private vehicle
– identification of a fitness / sports club
– any other item as requested


Checking out can be administratively heavy and time consuming. Our support will make it stress free and easy.
Adapted to your needs, a departure program can include:
- lease cancellation
- termination of insurances and maintenance

- accompaniment to the authorities for tax clearance – Set-up a process to sell a car
- Selection of a removal company and coordination
- Booking for temporary accommodation in Switzerland and at destination as needed


Available any day
While other are closed, we are open ! We ensure accompaniment to/from airport-railway station on weekends, out of office working hours and non-working days.

Additional feature
When arriving in Switzerland, we can combine our services with an accompaniment to the temporary or permanent accommodation. We will have keys and all accesses ready to facilitate the entrance of a single, couple or family, any day and at any time.
Swiss Mobility Services has an excellent understanding of the employment market in Switzerland and offers counselling for a working spouse. Various options are available: self-employed activity, employed activity or a volunteer activity.