Francis Docherty

CEO Swiss Mobility Services, GMS, CRP, RES Forum Accredited, Geneva, Vaud, Valais, Zurich, Basel
Many foreign work permit holders who were hoping to soon apply for Swiss citizenship may be strongly disappointed. The red passport with the famous white cross will soon be more difficult to get as only C permit (permanent establishment) holders will qualify to apply for Swiss citizenship.
We have been in recent discussions with B work permit holders who have been working towards complying with the already numerous conditions, such as speaking either French, German or Italian, demonstrate their integration and, in some places, learning about Swiss history. Authorities say a new regulation, expected to come into force as per January 2017, will mention that Swiss citizenship applicants with a B permit will no longer apply.
All applicants will have to be C permit holders !!
Will their acquired number of years of residency disappear?
Will the number of years spent studying at school be considered?
Swiss Mobility Services is keeping up-to-date on the latest developments and advising its clients on the right track to follow.
Francis Docherty, CEO