Swiss Mobility Services was set-up in 2015 to respond to the needs of individuals, small start-up companies, medium or large organisations that need a truly personalised service to establish their business in Switzerland and to provide mobility services.

I have had the privilege of handling projects in many different environments in this world, such as in Dubai, China, India, Singapore, the USA and Brazil. This gave me a truly deep understanding of the cultural differences, the challenges and emotions of international assignments. While Switzerland is probably one of the most attractive destinations to live, study and work, setting-up a business and finding accommodation can be more protracted than expected.

As founder and CEO of Swiss Mobility Services, my objectives are to share the understanding of the local market, facilitate immigration processes and participate to the identification of accommodation that really responds to each and every customer.

We have already delivered services to Trading, banks, electronic manufacturers, relocation and consulting companies that have benefited of a very positive impact.

We look forward to meeting with you very soon !

Francis Docherty
Founder & CEO
Swiss Mobility Services